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Product 1


Function and Specification:

1.    12VDC power supply with meter indication on the appliance.

2.    Flow adjustment for the switching of high and low flow rate.

3.    Quick connect to 10meters high pressure hose.

4.    Use high pressure gun and brush when using as a washer; Attach spray gun and nozzles when using as a sprayer.

5.    30Liters water tank capacity; Trolley design easy to carry with.

Product Description:

The Portable Utility washer / sprayer is supplied with 12VDC battery power.

You can wash and spray anywhere in a matter of minutes without standard power.

There's no cord so there are no restrictions.

It is suitable for washing vehicles, crystal sheet glass and architectural walls.

It can be used for cleaning and disinfection in food processing public places, hotel and Restaurant .Also, it can be used to spray trees and garden plants after spray lance and nozzle assembled.