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Product 1


Agriculture Battery Sprayer

For Any Spraying Field


Sprayers are CE approval for quality guarantee;

Unique Frame poly tank is anti-UV and anti-corrosive design;

High pressure pump works smoothly and quietly;

Large Capacity Battery;

Easy operation adjustable lance;

PVC power sprayer hose;

Bonus nozzle system includes multiple nozzles for option;

Large control valve is cotrolled ergonomically by thumb;

Long cable is provided for convenient charge;

Sprayers are packed by seaworthy carton;

Brand is OEM allowed;

Many spare parts, such as spray gun, lance, are easy operaton.


Spray turf, gardens, lawns, field and trees;

Spray nurseries and greenhouses;

Spray cleaners, sealers, mildew removers, etc.;

Wash cars, roof and floor, etc.;

Any other spraying system.